Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tayyub Khakan zadi 
Tayyub Khakan 
jandial, sargodha
Tayyub Khakan
Tayyab Khakan
sargodha, shahpur, kot bhai khan     jandial, shahpur, sargodha

Friday, August 4, 2017

Up to Date Fashion for All

Friday, May 10, 2013

Stylish Men Fashion And Styles

Traditional Pakistani mens clothing is known for its ostentatious style and intricate embroideries. Utilizing the finest fabrics, Pakistani mens clothes are world famous for being both feather light while having uncompromising durability. When it comes to finding the best in Pakistani mens clothing, one need to look no futher than Utsav's extensive collections. From elegant to casual, and from classical styles to modern takes on old favorites, Utsav has established itself as the very best online retailer when it comes to Pakistani mens clothes.
When it comes time to celebrate a traditional Pakistani wedding, there is no question that the groom needs to look his very best. With Utsav's collection of Pakistani mens clothes made specifically for weddings, the groom's style and presentation will never be a concern. The cream banarasi fabric embroidered sherwani is the pinnacle of Pakistani mens clothing that will ensure that the groom looks nothing short of amazing on his special day. The zari, rasham, and beads that cover the sherwani form intricate designs and motifs that showcase the tailor's pure dedication to their craft, while the piece is cut in a way that showcases every muscle on the wearer's torso. The fabric is light yet durable, meaning that the groom will be comfortable throughout the ceremony and the ensuing reception. The light cream is subdued yet far from ordinary, making a design that takes tradition and combines it with trend setting style to complete an unforgettable ensemble.
Kot Bhai Khan Ghulam Hassan Zaidi Jandial
Ghulam Hassan Zadi Jandial

Kot Bhai Khan Tayyub Khakan Jandial
Tayyab Khakan

Tayyub Khakan Jandial Kot Bhai Khan
Tayyub Khakan

Kot Bhai Khan Jandial Tayyab Khakan
Kot Bhai Khan

Kot Bhai Khan Jandial Tayyub Khakan
Tayyab Khakan

Tayyab Khakan Jandial Kot Bhai Khan
Kot Bhai Khan

Tayyub Khakan Jandial Kot Bhai Khan Sargodha
Kot Bhai Khan Tayyab Khan

Jandial Tayyub Khakan Kot Bhai Khan
Khakan Kot Bhai Khan

Jandial Tayyab Khakan

Kot Bhai Khan Jandial Tayyab Khakan
Jandial TK

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top Men Shoes Styles 2013 Collection By Khakan Abbasi

Here's the situation. There's a man who regularly pops into the Telegraph office for meetings. He's a nice guy - friendly. And you can tell that he puts an effort into the way that he looks. His suit is sharp and he obviously spends a lot of time frisking his hair up into spikes.
When I see him, I smile. When I see his shoes, I want to cry. I want to shake him. I want to slap him repeatedly in the face like they do in disaster films when the hero (me, obvs) can't get through to someone in a moment of crisis. I need to get his attention, to make him snap out of it, to save him from himself.
I want to say, "Jim" (not his real name, it's actually Paul), "you're a nice guy. Almost everybody in the office likes you. Sure, you have that excessive perspiration problem. But we all pretend not to notice it and only laugh about it AFTER you've left. It's the shoes, man. You've got a problem. We want to help you."
Here are some pictures of shoes collection by Khakan Abbasi

Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest Fashion Men Watch That You Want

Here you can watch the latest men fashion watch that are mostly used in different occasion and functions.These type of watch are used in mostly in the middle Asia and Europe countries.

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