Monday, August 13, 2012

Jacket and Coat

Leather coats for men have been around for over a century and in the 1950's they

started to become readily available in shops.

Leather coats were initially worn by aviators and military and often lined with

sheepskin to provide additional warmth. The coats were waterproof, long lasting and

relatively light.

The leather coats of today have progressed a long way, the quality of leather has

greatly improved, the cost of producing the leather has decreased making it much more

affordable and there are a fantastic range of leather coats to choose from.

Leather is a soft and supple material, is very nice against the skin, it is warm and

being a natural hide, will breathe. Leather conforms to the shape of your body's, it

will stretch and will actually end up fitting and feeling better as it ages.

The leather used for coats is generally made from cow hide, this is the skin of a

fully grown cow. Cow hide is very readily available, tough and a big enough to allow

large sections of clothing to be cut out without needing to join it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dog style game

Dog: Here is your number one companion - cute, talented and loyal.  He can sit, lie down and roll over.  Try giving him a pet and watch how he responds.  Keep your dog entertained by playing ball or giving him a bone.  Reward him by giving him a treat.  To get him to sit, double-click your mouse on the ground close to him.  Double-click again to get him to lie down.  Then hold your mouse button down and make a circular motion to tell him to roll over.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Men summer Fashion

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Men Summer Fashion