Sunday, February 5, 2012

men socks fashions

Chunky and colorful socks with bold prints are this season’s ultimate look. Socks that match with the color of the shoes should be opted and they should be pulled up just above the boot line and the pants should be tucked in just a bit into the socks. This is a complete bold and trendy street look for men this year 2011.

Fiber Content: 33% virgin wool, 29% nylon, 23% viscose, 9% cashmere, 6% angora
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
Fiber Content: 55% wool, 10% polyamid, 33% acrylic, 2% elsathan
Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry.

Sizing Tips: Two sizes! Large fits women's US shoe size 8.5-12, men's size 6.5-10.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Man Salwar Kameez

There was a time when men normally wore Salwar Kameez. That was the time of Raja Maharaja (Kings). The traditional man salwar kameez is like women salwar kameez with the following difference:

Men salwar kameez is wide spread from top to bottom known as Pathani Suit. Normally the kameez is very loose with full sleeves, cuff from front sleeve part and wide collar with pocket on front left side. The length of kameez is normally upto or more than knee. There are long slits on both sides. Normally it is straight from chest to bottom. There is a strap on front with 3-4 buttons after collar.

The Salwar is wide and long upto feet with wide bottom. There is drawstring on the top tunnel and pleates on the upper portion after belt to give full comfort. Sometimes in man salwar there are pockets on both sides. There may be a small V cut inside of man salwar to wear with boots. Normally people wear Rajasthani Jutti or Amritsari jutti along with the salwar. Sometimes people wear shining jutti (known as Tille wali jutti that has some round shape from front).

In India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc these type of Man salwar kameez are popular as Pathani Suits. Normally there is no chunni along with these suits and very few people take matching chunni along with this.

In ancient times, rajamaharaja used to wear man salwar kameez with long turban on the head and they looked very committed and traditional.