Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer lifestyle
There are four seasons in the world and every one has its own importance. But “ summer”  it has different style to celebrate. In summer people go out for picknic and enjoy the wether. In summer chilly drink and ice cream mostly people like and enjoy it in home, office and in picknic. If we talk about the dresses of summer then we can say it is the king of the seasons because there are many vraity of dresses intrduced in summer season. So lot of vraity it covers the girls and women to bought. Girls and women are mostly like for shoping in summer espacially in night .Mostly budget of every people spend in summer vacation. As we know the summer vacation is long as other so people like to spend it in coldest places and want to enjoy the natural wether. In Pakistan mostly people like spend their summer vacation in muree and gilgat. These are the best places for summer vacation. Children are so imaginate to enjoy the vacation and mostly children invite his friends to spend their summer vacation with him.
If we talk about eating and drinking in summer then the best and most favorit of people is cold drink. In Pakistan most coldring is use Coca Cola and Pepsi . These are the major companies that hold it in Pakistan.  Ther e are many other companies that serve the drink.
And in eating mostly people like somosas and pakoras mostly in lunch time .
In summer the fruit that produced in like Mango, Apple, Appricoats, Basil, and so on…but mostly people like the mango in summer.