Friday, March 16, 2012

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As its name suggests, the polo shirt has it’s origins on the fields of sport where its moisture wicking properties and style made it the choice of gentleman athletes. Today it has ascended as the standard uniform of the North American man dressed in summer casual. However, just because it’s widely accepted does not mean its use should be abused. Reserve the polo for true casual events on weekends. Unless it’s your company’s uniform, consider wearing a tasteful button down short sleeve during the week.

Summer Jacket Fabrics

Cotton is king during the summer months; its natural wicking properties along with its strength and durability make it the choice for those looking to stay cool and get years of wear. However, because of their tendency to wrinkle, they do require frequent attention and are considered less casual – because of this I recommend a man have at least two well fitting suits in his wardrobe before purchasing a cotton jacket. Tropical weight wools are a hot weather alternative, but even though lightweight, they are still a bit warmer than cotton and require care when cleaning. On the other hand, the drape and feel of wool is unmatched, and if the jacket is half-lined and conservative in color, it may be the most versatile garment in your closet.

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