Friday, March 2, 2012

spring fashion for men

White Bucks are classic but grey brings it down a welcomed notch. Use em’ as transition shoes between your heavier jeans into your lighter chinos, then once you get to summer don’t be afraid to wear them sockless. Easy to pair with standard spring lighter tones, or dark and bold colors for heading out at night.

There is a difference between a bargain and a good deal. A bargain tends to be cheap, found in overstuffed bins or on picked-over racks, and anyone schooled in basic math can spot one. A good deal, though, means that for whatever reason, the value of a prospective purchase — its distinctive design, its high quality, its look and feel — exceeds the price you're being asked to pay for it, and it takes some training and know-how to know one when you see one. Take this sharply cut double-breasted two-piece from Banana Republic's BR Monogram line. It costs just $700, a miracle of economy that creative director Simon Kneen once attributed to the brand's ability to use its scale to cut deals with Italian textile mills. That translates into luxury cloths at accessible prices, and along with the rest of the good deals in this section, it shows just how far you can make your money, and style, go this spring.
Where should a short-sleeved polo shirt fall on my arm?
I like my polo shirt-sleeves to fall about one inch up from the crook of my elbow. Lacoste offers shirts cut with good proportions, and if your sleeves are much shorter (or longer) than that, you're getting into fashion territory.

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